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Published: Apr 25, 2022
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Introducing The Productive Meetings Framework

​​We all sat through our fair share of meetings this year—many of which were too long, not the best use of everyone's time, and produced little to no results. This kind of inefficiency leads to a frustrating work environment, unhappy team members, delayed progress, and worst of all, skyrocketing operational costs.

In this free webinar, Nick Sonnenberg shows you how to optimize both remote and in-person meetings throughout your organization.

Discover valuable tips and insights like:

  • What defines an efficient and effective meeting
  • The best practices for WHEN to have a meeting
  • How to eliminate unnecessary meetings
  • How to run synchronous and asynchronous meetings
  • The Leverage Meeting Framework and Meeting Agenda Template
  • How to use a Work Management tool to run your meetings
  • How to ensure action items never fall through the cracks

It might seem obvious, but meetings are one of the biggest pain points that most companies face, regardless of team size or industry. We encourage teams to audit both internal and external meetings first. With an efficient meeting framework, you will not only gain back valuable time but also improve company culture, help your team create more impact, and reach company goals faster.

Need help? Chat with our team to discover how your organization can operate more efficiently and improve team productivity.


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Nick Sonnenberg

Founder and CEO

Nick Sonnenberg is the founder and CEO of Leverage, business efficiencyconsultant, Inc. columnist and author of the book Idea to Execution. As a serial entrepreneur with a passion for productivity and a background in data science, Nick’s mission is to create companies that disrupt the way people work by leveraging the power of outsourcing, remote teams, common tools, and automation. Nick has worked with individuals and companies of all sizes including Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham, Joe Polish, Ethereum and more. Be sure to keep an eye out for his upcoming book, Come Up for Air: How your team can leverage systems and tools to stop drowning in work.

Published: Apr 25, 2022
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