CRM Optimization Roadmap

An estimated 66% of companies are getting little to no benefit from their CRM information. It’s difficult to close sales when you have limited information about who you’re selling to, and it’s difficult to keep customers when you can’t easily remember who they are.

CRMs are revolutionizing the way businesses interact with customers, but are you integrating CRM into why our business in the best possible way? Whether your team is experiencing issues with prospecting, nurturing, closing, or upselling because there are leaks in the sales pipeline, or you need to deliver more personalized customer experiences to stay competitive, having a CRM that enables and supports your growth is critical.

With the Leverage CRM Optimization, you’ll have an experienced CRM strategist look at your current business challenges, deal flow and goals as well as existing processes and platforms, and match the optimization opportunities to your budget.

How the Leverage CRM Optimization Roadmap works:

Microsoft Teams or Slack Summary
Step 1 - Analysis & Audit

A two-hour session where we discuss your business:

  • What is your current sales process?
  • What platform and tools are you currently using to manage your client information?

Together, we'll uncover where the biggest short-term opportunities are.

app-developmentStep 2 - Opportunity Mapping

The learnings from the discovery call are prioritized based on the level of effort and return on investment. We'll establish optimization recommendations where we prioritize impact in the context of the overall business goals.

sales-and-pipelineStep 3 - Roadmap Review

We reconvene to review the findings from our CRM Optimization Roadmap and take a look at the 30, 60, 90-day recommendations along with an estimated implementation cost. This can be used to brief your own internal team, or it can be turned into a project plan.

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Step 1 – Analysis & Audit
Step 2 – Opportunity Mapping

Step 3 – Roadmap Review

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