90-Day Marketing Roadmap

Strategy is an important part of any marketing plan. Before you build out the big picture strategy, you should first ask ‘Where is the most effective use of my marketing budget?”.

Talk to any Marketing Specialist that knows how to bring your company through every phase of the marketing funnel and they’ll make sure your brand is solid and differentiates, that your speaking clearly to a specific audience and using all the best practices and lead generation techniques. If your yearly marketing budget is $50k, does it make sense to invest all of that into a strategy that won’t pay off for a year or more?

With the Leverage 90-Day Marketing Roadmap, you’ll have an experienced marketing strategist look at your current business challenges and goals as well as existing marketing materials and platforms, and match the opportunities to your budget. They’ll create a short-term plan that prioritizes the smaller projects that can have the biggest impact on your business.

How the Leverage 90-Day Marketing Roadmap works:

90-Day Marketing - Step 1 – Marketing Discovery

Step 1 – Marketing Discovery

A one-hour session where we discuss your business:

  • Who are your highest value clients?
  • How do clients currently find you?
  • What assets do you have that aren’t being leveraged?

Together, we’ll uncover where the biggest short-term opportunities are.

Step 2 – Opportunity Mapping

The learnings from the discovery call are prioritized based on level of effort and return on investment. We establish a 30, 60-and 90-day recommendations where we prioritize impact in the context of the overall marketing plan and business goals.

Step 3 – Roadmap Review

We reconvene to review the findings from our Opportunity Mapping and take a look at the 30, 60, 90-day recommendations. This can be used to brief your own internal team, or it can be turned into a project plan with the optional add-on below.

Optional Add-On – Marketing Roadmap Project Plan

We can include one of our Senior Integrators to our final Roadmap Review and they will take the next steps to create a full execution plan, including budget, timing and resources needed. We’ll provide a clear path forward, a list of prioritized projects and a virtual team of subject matter experts who are set up for success as your marketing partner.


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