Zoom Webinar - Our Review

Zoom Webinar - Our Review

Zoom a simple tool Leverage uses to keep our online meetings productive. It’s easy to use and integrates with Slack and mobile devices too.

We host most of our live meetings over Zoom and have nearly 200 team members across the world. When you’ve got over 100 people on a Zoom call (yeah it’s like the biggest Brady Bunch intro ever) things can get unruly if you don’t have an agenda. We’ve tried several different agenda tools and none of them ever fully did what we wanted, which meant they were never fully adopted. In the end we did what we often do, used someone in an “off-label” way.

We tried using Cisco Spark Notes and while it has a Slack integration it’s still a separate web app and one more place to login, plus it isn’t mobile friendly. We really wanted to something that was in Slack to avoid having to switch around and add another tool. So for a while we were using the built-in option to create posts. They are basically mini blog posts that live in Slack.

It worked pretty well, anyone could edit it and add their items, and it was accessible from anywhere you could access Slack. The problem was that someone had to create that post each week, name it properly so it could be found using search, and people had to add notes, with their names so you knew who added it. Lastly, you could not edit posts from your mobile device. We were getting frustrated…

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Leverage is an on-demand outsourcing platform that helps business owners and entrepreneurs scale without the pain, cost, and risk of hiring. With a team of vetted experts spanning across all areas of marketing and growth, we serve as an agile extension to your team—allowing you to get more done in less time.

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Leverage’s Founder and CEO, Nick Sonnenberg, is the host of the Leverage Podcast. With a background in data science, high-frequency algorithmic trading and business efficiency consulting, Nick has an innovative mind and is obsessed with learning from the people around him. Join him each week as he interviews fellow entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and leading experts to discuss everything from marketing secrets to new technologies to life as an entrepreneur.

Published: May 28, 2018
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