Testament of a True Entrepreneur: How To Master Any Industry PT 1

Testament of a True Entrepreneur: How To Master Any Industry PT 1

Part 1 of 2

Leverage Podcast featuring Leverage member, serial entrepreneur and master salesman, Kevin Donahue.

Kevin is a testament of a true entrepreneur having mastered a huge array of industries across the US. From a skincare brand to a brain trauma center, YouTube influencers, forensic investigative search engines, and the mental health space.

How? He knows his unique ability and has mastered it. 

"It's like someone who's a bass guitarist. It doesn't really matter the band they play in, they can play the bass guitar. I know what my skill set is, I know my unique ability, I know my entrepreneurial flow. So I'll partner with businesses, and I'll do what I'm best at, and I'll let them do what they're best at. I'm able to grow businesses across industries without ever having to know the real intricacies of the industry." - Kevin

In a nutshell, Kevin helps businesses go from selling Honda’s to Ferrari’s by creating the right conversation around of the product that makes a business stand out. It’s not manipulation, it’s just being accurate and telling the truth in a way that benefits your target audience.

“The language in sales is so important, it’s like magic.” 

Listen in as Kevin shares his fascinating entrepreneurial journey, insights to entrepreneurial success and how to find your unique ability.

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Leverage’s Founder and CEO, Nick Sonnenberg, is the host of the Leverage Podcast. With a background in data science, high-frequency algorithmic trading and business efficiency consulting, Nick has an innovative mind and is obsessed with learning from the people around him. Join him each week as he interviews fellow entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and leading experts to discuss everything from marketing secrets to new technologies to life as an entrepreneur.

Published: Oct 15, 2018
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