Slidebean is the New (& Improved) PowerPoint: Create Professionally Designed Presentations in Minutes

Slidebean is the New (& Improved) PowerPoint: Create Professionally Designed Presentations in Minutes

Voice Over: On this episode, our guest is Caya, CEO and cofounder of Slidebean. Slidebean is a cloud based presentation tool that makes creating well-crafted and well-designed slide decks simple and easy.

Slidebean was a part of Start-Up Chile — one of the most important accelerators in Latin America, 500 Startups — one of the best US accelerators, named “3rd Most Valuable Internet Startup” in Costa Rica, and it was featured in TechCrunch. Etcetera, etcetera…the impressive list goes on.

So what’s all the buzz about?


Au revoir Prezi and PowerPoint!

Now anyone can make a high-end designer grade presentation without spending a lot of time and money on becoming–or hiring–a designer. One of Slidebean’s many pros is that it has an easy to use drag and drop feature which allows styling in one user-friendly click.

The start of Slidebean.

The founders of Slidebean are all graphic designers by trade. They noticed a big problem looming in the business world. Too many people were struggling to put together decent looking presentations on their own, yet this is a skill most people need to know how to tackle on their own.

Existing presentation tools such as Prezi, Google Slides and Keynote are all reliable tools, if one invests the time it takes to properly understand how to use them. These tools tend to be difficult and time consuming for users without a design background.

Enter, Slidebean.

Slidebean created a simple user interface — so simple that they actually created it to prevent the customer from being able to complicate — which means they had the foresight to think of issues that could arise. Such as, custom changing the template color. It seems like an option that some people may want, but in this case it would change the model of the template and make it more difficult to work with so that (as of now) isn’t an option.

Basically, the team designed this template so that the ones using it don’t get in their own way.

Why Slidebean stands out.

Above and beyond its usability, there are other perks to tossing out your old ways of making a deck and trying something new.

  1. Cloud based system: no messy application installations needed.
  2. Analytics: this is music to a marketing and sales team’s ears. It has built in analytics, therefore you can understand how people interact with each slide in your presentation.
  3. Giffy and video integration… need we say more?
  4. Ability to keep it secret: you can share this with only the people you choose by sending them a safe link.

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Published: Jul 16, 2018
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