Moving From Friction to Flow with Jenny Blake

Moving From Friction to Flow with Jenny Blake

This week on the Leverage Podcast, Nick interviews Jenny Blake, an entrepreneur, author, podcaster and keynote speaker. She is known for her book Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One, which won the Axiom award for best business book in the careers category back in 2016. Connected to her book is the Pivot Method, a 4-stage coaching framework. By licensing her framework she has been able to work with companies such as Google and Chanel. 

Jenny loves technology, automating tasks and freeing up time. In this episode, she explains why she decided to focus on licensing parts of her business, how she built that licensing, and how others can do the same. To Jenny, licensing her knowledge is the holy grail of her business. It certainly didn’t happen overnight but it was always in her mind and she spent over one year building it to make it off the shelf ready. The results speak for themselves.

In the second half of the podcast, Jenny and Nick talk about the focus of her new book Free Time: Lose the Busywork, Love the Business. And yes, this book also has a framework. The idea came to life when Jenny was onboarding a new team and realized that the philosophy of why things were getting done a certain way wasn’t clear based on the SOPs. 

Taking a closer look, she developed a 3-step framework—Align, Design & Assign—that helps business owners move from friction to flow. Funnily enough, Nick and Jenny are 100% aligned on this. At Leverage, we teach our clients Nick’s C.P.R. Business Efficiency Framework™. A part of this framework is that information should be digitized and organized, so it can be retrieved quickly. Read more about the success of scaling up through operational efficiency here

If you'd like to learn how your organization can operate more efficiently, this episode is a great way to start. And if you have any questions about how your organization can do more through optimizing the way your team is operating, book a free consultation call to speak with one of our experts.

Jenny Blake

Jenny Blake

Jenny Blake is an author, podcaster, and keynote speaker who loves helping business owners move from friction to flow through smarter systems, powered by Delightfully Tiny Teams. Her third book, Free Time: Lose The Busywork, Love Your Business, launches March 22, 2022. Jenny’s previous book, Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One, won the Axiom award for best business book in the careers category in 2016. Licensing clients for her Pivot Programs include Google and CHANEL. Jenny hosts two podcasts with over one million downloads combined: Free Time for Heart-Based Business Owners, and Pivot with Jenny Blake to help others navigate change. After working at a Silicon Valley startup, then at Google for five years in coaching and career development, Jenny moved to New York City in 2011 to launch her own business. She loves yoga and buys too many books. Learn more and take the Free Time quiz at

The chapters in her new book Free Time: Lose the Busywork, Love the Business are operating principles to teach people how to think. Therefore it’s not only helpful for business owners but also highly recommended for teams to read and apply Jenny’s methodology as a team effort. 

We are excited to read Jenny’s new book and you can pre-order the hardcopy version now to get early access to the audiobook at Check out other handy links below:

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Published: Feb 18, 2022
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