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Most organizations have spent years working with inefficient processes and systems due to a lack of training around when and how to use their tech stack. This is what we refer to as "operational debt," and the longer it sticks around, the more it holds an organization back. Paying off this debt is the first step toward unlocking your growth potential.

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Our Operations division grows your bottom line by leveraging systems and tools to scale and operate with less pain.

Focused on improving team performance, our consulting and training services implement efficiency best practices including: when and how to use modern tools, process documentation, automation, and removal of low-level work—all in fully-remote, hybrid, or co-located work environments.

No matter the size or industry, we've found that there are three key areas most organizations struggle in. These are the foundation of Nick Sonnenberg's CPR Business Efficiency Framework®, and optimizing them is the quickest path to an optimal organization.



The constant flood of Email, Slack, WhatsApp, and Teams messages.



Lack of systems to plan, prioritize, and balance workloads for important projects.



Inefficient or undocumented processes, combined with the endless scavenger hunt for missing assets.

By training teams on how to master these three areas and determining what's best for optimal output in their specific organization, we help organizations maximize their collective output and reduce waste. On average, we’re able to give back at least five hours per week per person by streamlining what’s needed to get work done and operate efficiently as a team.

We’ve helped hundreds of organizations stop drowning in work and spend more time on the activities that utilize their team’s core abilities and add value to their organization.

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Our most popular operations products


Business Efficiency Roadmap

Chart a clear path to peak efficiency at your organization with the CPR Business Efficiency Framework®.


Inbox Zero in 30 Days

Reclaim your inbox by eliminating unread, disorganized emails—in just 30 days.


CRM Optimization

Boost your company's sales
efforts with a clear plan to get
the most out of your CRM.



Organize and streamline Slack to turn it into a central command hub for your organization.


Microsoft Teams

Organize and streamline Microsoft Teams to turn it into a central command hub for your organization.


Asana Project Management

Keep projects on track and manage your work in one place by optimizing this professional work management tool.

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