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“Thanks to the way we now use Asana, we were able to win a bid for a $60 million contract. The client was blown away by our organized and professional process.  It has truly transformed our business.”


“Leverage has been a game-changer for us. Without their advice and support in implementing Slack, the pandemic would have been chaotic.”


“I used to have a three-hour meeting with my assistant each week to keep track of everything in my business. Now, I can get a 10-15 minute update from Asana and I know where everything is at any given time. I can offer assistance, I can prioritize, and I can de-prioritize.”

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The CPR® Framework

We help teams maximize their performance and reduce overwhelm by teaching and implementing the foundational principles of the CPR® Business Efficiency Framework. This Framework eliminates the pain points most teams experience by optimizing the three operational areas foundational to every organization:

All Organizations need:

Regardless of size or industry, all organizations need to Communicate with their team and external parties; Plan and manage the work that needs to get done; and document all of their proprietary Resources and knowledge to ensure the business runs like a well-oiled machine.

Leverage implements the CPR® Framework by educating teams on when and how to use the common tools within each component in the best ways possible.