Stop Drowning in Email

Take control of your inbox, and save 3-5 hours per week

“I was looking to condense the time I spend on email, and that’s exactly what this program did. Getting to Inbox Zero has saved me at least 5 hours per week.” – Josh Walker

Stop Wasting
Time With Email


The average knowledge worker spends nearly a third of their time at work on email. After working with thousands of teams, we've discovered the problem—and we have the solution.


Our email training programs empower you to take control of your inbox, ​​freeing up your time to focus on what matters most to you. On average, we see people saving at least 5 hours per week.


14 Days to
Inbox Zero

What Is Inbox Zero?

If you feel like your inbox is a constant stream of never-ending emails, adopting the Inbox Zero methodology will be one of the most productive changes you’ll ever make. 

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Adopting Inbox Zero will help you: 

A Plan That Fits Your Needs

Do It Yourself


Group Training

TEAMS 5-20

Get to Inbox Zero in 14 days,

Private Training


Get to Inbox Zero in 14 days,

Why Adopt Inbox Zero as a Team?

Why Adopt Inbox Zero as a Team?

If you're feeling the pain of a cluttered inbox, Inbox Zero can help. But here's the kicker: it gets even better when your whole team is on board. Email has a "boomerang effect" - the more emails you send, the more you get back. And this affects your team, too!

The more emails you and your coworkers send, the more you all have to deal with.

When your team adopts Inbox Zero, the number of emails flying around decreases significantly. That means everyone will spend less time processing emails and more time getting stuff done.

Curious about how this can work for your team? Let's chat.

Course Curriculum

Course Curriculum

Learn how to achieve Inbox Zero in Gmail or Outlook at your own pace with our on-demand course, included in all packages.

Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Module 4
Module 5

Training Schedule

Training Schedule

Enter into our 14-day training schedule when you enroll in the Group or Private Training programs.

Instantly Access Your Training Materials

Gain immediate access to our Inbox Zero workbooks and courses for both Gmail and Outlook so you can get started as soon as you'd like and progress at your own pace.

Kickoff Call

Learn how the training process works, discover the resources available to you, and cover the fundamentals of Inbox Zero with one of our efficiency consultants.

Live Workshop #1

Walk through the steps of Inbox Zero in real time with one of our efficiency consultants and discover additional concepts around Inbox Zero and workplace communication.

Live Workshop #2

Ask questions and receive hands-on training from our consultants around anything email-related. Learn tips, tricks, and techniques to save time and optimize your inbox.

1:1 Training session

30 minutes with one of our efficiency consultants to get advice, solve any specific problems you may be facing, and find time-saving opportunities you might be missing.

Retrospective Call

Review what you've learned, have your questions answered, clarify any remaining action items, and celebrate with the group!

1: Inbox Zero Basics

Eliminate the bad email habits you don't know you have.

Reframe your mindset around when and how to use email

Understand the fundamentals of the Inbox Zero methodology

Discover bad email habits and how to eliminate them

2 - Cut Out the Noise

Receive less emails per day.

Learn how to reduce the number of emails you receive

Set up filters to prioritize important emails from real people

Customize Gmail or Outlook settings to remove distractions

3 - Rip the Band-Aid Off

Wipe the slate clean, no matter how many emails you're sitting on.

Audit folders and de-clutter your inbox

Wipe the slate clean by archiving past emails

Clean your inbox in a few clicks (even with thousands of emails!)

4 - The R.A.D. System

Work through your inbox faster than you ever thought possible.

Learn the three steps of R.A.D: Reply, Archive, or Defer

Use the R.A.D. System to work through all remaining emails

Achieve Inbox Zero!

5 - Maintenance

Save time every day with an optimized email routine.

Incorporate Inbox Zero into your daily routine

Learn how to clean your archive

Experience the amazing benefits of a clean inbox!

Get started today and stop wasting time with email.

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