Leverage Case Studies

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Curious what Leverage can do for your business? Check out our case studies to see how we're helping our clients across all areas of marketing, growth, and operational efficiency.

Our unique two-pronged approach focuses on top line growth through revenue generation and bottom line growth through operational efficiency gains.

The end result is that we help you scale your business without the cost, pain, and risk of hiring new employees or obtaining outside investment.

L&R's team was drowning in work, they lacked transparency and accountability around their projects, and they were fearful about adding new technology that would only add more work to their plate. Working with Leverage allowed them to set up a collaboration and work management system to efficiently plan, manage, and execute on projects—all while being agile enough to adapt to whatever might come their way.

As you grow your business, it's easy to get stuck in doing things "the way you've always done them"—even if you know it's not the best way. When our client wanted to improve their client intake process, our team revamped their entire process to save time, create a better finished product, and make everyone's lives easier.

Andre wanted to improve his team’s overall efficiency, get more organized, and set up a system where he could fully capitalize on all of the opportunities available to him. He knew that if he had some better systems in place, he could find more speaking engagements and generate more revenue for his business—but he wasn’t sure where to begin.

Like many entrepreneurs, Jeremy was focused on building his business and generating revenue—not optimizing all of his internal operations. He knew that he was missing out on potential opportunities by not having certain systems in place within his business.

A podcast can be a great source of leads, but only if it's getting enough downloads. Our client wanted to increase their podcast downloads to generate more leads for their coaching business, so we delivered by lowering their cost per lead and 9Xing their conversion rate.

Our client had recently created an eBook and released it as a free lead magnet, but wasn't generating enough traffic to generate an ROI. Through Facebook Ads, we reduced his cost per lead by 90% and tripled his conversion rate, helping him generate more leads and an ROI on his book.

Viewing and understanding your website performance is more difficult than it might sound. To help our client optimize his website and better understand how it was performing, we conducted an SEO audit, used a few tactics to optimize his site, and created a custom analytics dashboard.

When Star Business Solutions came to Leverage, their main problem was that they weren’t booking enough consultations through their website. Most visitors to their website were unclear on what exactly Star Business Solutions was offering and why it would benefit them, so they never booked a consultation call.

Tom’s primary goal with this project was for his book to be listed as a #1 Amazon Bestseller. But beyond that, he wanted to use this book to boost his credibility, bring in new clients to his practice, and help people improve their lives. Hitting the bestseller list was one of the best ways to achieve that and ensure his book was a massive success.