Webinar Recap: How To Make Work Meetings More Productive And Valuable


How would you rate the productivity of all your meetings in 2021? As we wrap up the end of the year and think about what can be improved, unproductive meetings might be at the top of your list. Meetings are a huge inefficiency within organizations and can also be a major cause of frustration for everyone involved.

Our CEO and Founder, Nick Sonnenberg, recently held a webinar covering how to optimize meetings for time-savings and increased productivity. In this post, you will find 5 of the 13 best practices for having more productive and valuable meetings shared in that webinar. 

And if meetings are a constant struggle in your organization, we highly recommend watching the replay of the webinar to get insight on all 13 tips and sharing this post across your team.

5 best practices for more productive and valuable meetings in 2022

1. Shift to asynchronous communication: Make better use of your time and shift parts of the meeting to asynchronous. Reporting on numbers or company announcements via Loom are great to communicate asynchronously.

2. Set your calendar to 15 minutes and schedule shorter meetings: By default calendar events are set to hourly. Going into the advanced settings of your calendar and adjusting the settings to 15-minute time blocks allows you to book shorter meetings instantly. (And you'd be surprised what you can accomplish in 15 minutes!)

3. Only invite people who need to be there: Audit everyone in your meetings and determine if some team members can add value via asynchronous communication. As meeting invites are coming in, speak up if you don’t need to be there. Every team member should be free to say "no" and not join if they won't add value.

4. Audit your calendar and cut every meeting that's recurring by 10 minutes: Now that your calendar is set up for success, go back to your recurring meetings and gain back valuable time by trimming down some of your most frequent meetings. 

5. No Agenda, No Meeting: At Leverage we have a policy that every meeting should have an agenda. Using a work management tool like Asana allows our team to easily create collaborative agendas, share pre-work if necessary, and create actionable tasks during the meeting directly inside Asana.

Collaborative agendas in asana for more productive work meetings in 2022

If you have specific questions about utilizing Asana, Leverage is an Asana-Certified Solutions Partner and we help organizations get a quick ROI from this powerful tool. You can read more about that in this article.


Running Effective Meetings in 2022

It might seem obvious, but optimizing your meetings and spending less time in meetings is a great first step for an efficient and successful 2022. Meetings are one of the biggest pain points that most companies face and this will continue if your meeting framework isn’t revised and optimized. 

With an efficient meeting framework you will not only gain back valuable time but also improve company culture, help your team create more impact, and reach company goals faster.