Text Analysis and Machine Learning Platform, A Cool Kids Go Kart, Outsourced Support, and more —…

Text analysis: What in the world is THAT? Let’s consider a use case: Imagine you have a blog or social media channel where your followers or clients interact with you regularly. Someone on your team is tasked to respond appropriately to those inquiries and comments. What if you could automate a classification of those comments and instantly redirect them to the right team member? You just skipped a step in the existing process. You just saved time and increased effectiveness. That’s what text analysis can do for you. Find out about Monkey Learn, a new test analysis and machine learning platform on this episode.

Did you ever want a go kart as a kid? You never imagined one like this!

Most of us wanted a motorized something to zip around on as a kid — you know, something we could ride around the neighborhood to the envy of all the other kids? Technology is improving those options for the next generation — and with digital tools that enable kids to be protected through appropriate parental oversight. You can find out about the newest generation of motorized kids’ vehicles and the apps and safeguards that go with them on this episode of OAO.

Need a support desk for your business but can’t afford it? Here’s a new solution you can afford. Probably.

What if you could finally outsource your customer service desk to a trained, intelligent, remote team and only paid based on the actual cases that were solved to the customer’s satisfaction? And what if the per-case price was very reasonable (like $3.50 per case)? Imagine no more. It exists in the new service DreamSupport.io — and on this episode, Ari and Nick cover what it does, how it works, and why you might want to check it out.

What’s the most common reason startups fail? It might shock you!

On this episode, Ari refers to an article he read recently titled, “7 Lessons from 100+ Failed Startups.” As you might imagine, there are some very predictable reasons why many of the startups failed, such as running out of funding. But the most common reason is one you would think founders would be aware of by now. It’s so simple, it’s crazy that it’s still an issue. Want to know what it is? Ari and Nick chat about it on this episode.

Interested in becoming a Leverage certified coach so you can help people be more effective?

If you are a business coach or consultant one of the main areas of value you can bring to any client is helping them optimize, automate, or outsource their workflows. It’s exponential in its impact — and now you can be certified as a Leverage coach and begin helping your clients in this vital productivity step. Find out how you can join the Leverage coaching cohort, on this episode.

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