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Job Flexibility, Impact of Smartphones, Stem Cells, and more — Episode #58

Each episode of Optimize Automate Outsource is aimed at helping you find the tools you need to be more effective in the things that matter to your life. This episode features articles, practices Ari and Nick are applying in their own lives, and a few services. Listen in to the conversation to hear how job flexibility/workplace flexibility is becoming more of a draw for talent, how the presence of your smartphone in the room can lead to cognitive limitations, how email can be used as a task manager, and more.

A Virtual Mailbox Service, Robotic Furniture, Security Deposit Alternatives, and More — Episode #57


You may have heard of this concept before, but since so many applications and forms require you to provide a physical address, services have popped up that allow you to get a “virtual mailbox” that qualifies. Sounds a bit confusing, but it works. On this episode, Ari and Nick also discuss a new virtual mailbox service, robotic furniture that is very practical and space-saving, alternatives for security deposits for tenants and landlords, department-store-like kiosks that can be placed anywhere, and much more. Be sure you listen to hear some of the latest services and apps that can make your life more effective.

Predicting Successful Cancer Treatment, Using A.I.

Chase Hughes on Influencing Skills, Real and Perceived Authority, and Better Human Interactions —…

An Electricity Usage Monitor, On-Demand Parking Service, Free Radical Air Purification, and more —…

Most of us use much more electricity than we realize. In this episode of Optimize Automate Outsource, Ari shares his experience using a new electricity usage monitor and how its recommendations have cut his electricity bills significantly. Ari and Nick also speak about a new on-demand parking service, an air purification system that uses free radicals to clean the air, a kids meal delivery service, and more so make sure you set aside the time to find out about these new services and apps.

A Great Language App, Trello Card Relationships, On-demand Work for Healthcare, and more — Episode…

On Demand Code Review Service, A Motivation & Confidence App, Automated Screenshots, and more —…

Custom Molded Earbuds, A Finance App for Couples, A Sales Email Analyzer, and More — Episode #52

Don’t you just HATE it when earbuds hurt your ears? Now there’s a better way. On this episode of Optimize, Automate, Outsource Ari tells about the new custom molded earbuds he received from Hello Ear. In short, he loves them. The company uses a picture of your ear to craft a set of earbuds for you that fit perfectly and feel good. Really, they feel good — no more pain when you listen to our podcast! Find out more about getting your own custom molded earbuds on this episode.

Jobs for Felons, Get Money Back from Airlines, and Discover Your Online Vulnerabilities — Episode…

Buy Time for Greater Happiness, New Noise Cancelling Tech, Realistic Digital Art, and more —…

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