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Starting a Podcast? You Need a Playbook.

Creating Podcast Playbooks with Ike

In recent years, podcasts have become incredibly popular amongst entrepreneurs and business owners. What used to be an entertaining outlet for creatives is now a valuable tool for building a brand, marketing your business, and becoming an influencer. It’s the pinnacle of content marketing, with the potential to drive hundreds of thousands of people to your business. Plus, it’s fun to create!

Team Member Spotlight: Chris M.

Chris M: Podcast Specialist

Chris M. works in our Marketing vertical, focusing on podcasts and audio editing. If you need a podcast, he’s your man (we also think he’s “the” man, but that’s beside the point).

A Conversation with Kathy Caprino, a World-Renown Career Coach.

Learn about her 180-degree career flip at 40-years-old and how she writes viral blog posts.

Meet Kathy Caprino. She worked as a corporate marketer for 18 years, and around the age of 40, did a 180-degree change in careers…and became a therapist! She is now an internationally-recognized career coach and TEDx speaker dedicated to the global advancement of professional women.

How To Podcast: 4 Hacks from a Pro to Up Your Podcasting Game

At Leverage, we like to learn from the best and that’s why this Podcast Blog is based off of tips from Paul Colligan, one of the top Podcasters out there and best-selling author of the popular book How To Podcast.

A Great Language App, Trello Card Relationships, On-demand Work for Healthcare, and more — Episode…