Process Automation, Call Center Slack Integration, An Immersive Noise Machine, and Shark Tank…


This episode of Optimize, Automate, Outsource features yet another list of links for you to consider to help you do more with the life you have. One of the most important aspects of that for any business owner is the task of process automation and optimization — and you know why, right? There are hundreds of things happening in the average business that are process-oriented and as we often say, many of those can be automated. We found a software service that enables process automation on a new scale, including connections with Zapier — which you know we love. Nick is quickly becoming addicted to this app so find out all about it on this episode.

Do you need an automated call center? Here’s one we’re loving.

We’ve tried plenty of call solutions in the past — including Ringcentral and Skype. For everything we tried, they were either too buggy and ineffective or had far too many features, which proved cumbersome for what we needed. But when we came upon a cool new app that integrates with Slack we found exactly what we were looking for. Nick and I talk about how OttSpot works and the ways it’s enabled us to do some process automation in our application systems, on this episode. This thing has heightened our team’s interaction and productivity to an even greater degree — which we like. Lots.

Do you sleep with a white noise generator? This takes it to a whole new level.

One of the new devices Nick and I chat about on this episode is called Nightingale — it’s a nighttime noise-maker that is designed by acoustic experts and audio engineers and claims to be the most effective sleep system on the market. When I hear a claim like that I have to ask, “Why?” Here’s what I discovered: Nightingale can be customized to your particular room’s architecture and acoustics by placing a unit on either side of your room — and it’s this two-unit system that makes the difference. They call it a “sound blanket.” And besides all that, it’s IoT integrated. Find out more about Nightingale as we talk about it on this episode.

Nick has been busy helping former inmates build businesses. Here’s his experience so far.

Lately, Nick has been intrigued by the work of an organization called “Defy Ventures,” and for good reason. The folks at DV “harness the natural talents of currently and formerly incarcerated men, women, and youth and redirect them toward the creation of legal business ventures and careers.” It’s an amazing idea and Nick took part in one of their “shark tank” type events recently as one of the “sharks.” Can you imagine? Anyway, on this episode, he shares the inspiring experience and tells why he’s planning to join the DV team at another event soon. This is good stuff being done that seems to be pretty effective. Take a listen.

Ever been to a 360-degree theater? Now you can make your own 360-degree movie.

A new tech item we discuss on this episode is ORBI Prime, which claims to be the first 360° video recording eyewear. So picture this, it’s a pair of glasses you wear that has 1080p cameras integrated into it — even in the back. So you can capture and share 360° videos and images simply by wearing glasses — which you’re likely going to be doing anyway. It’s made from lightweight polycarbonate, is able to record up to 90 minutes of video, has built-in WiFi, is water resistant, and yada, yada, yada. This is a fun sounding toy/tool/tech item you’ll want to know about, so be sure you listen.

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