Predicting Successful Cancer Treatment, Using A.I.

There are so many ways technology is making our lives better and one of the reasons Ari and Nick do these OAO episodes is to make you aware of what’s becoming available. On this episode, they highlight a new service that uses A.I. to predict successful cancer treatment for individual patients, another that uses A.I. to match job seekers with the best companies for them, apps that find you the best rideshare rate on-demand, and ways you can better assess potential candidates for team fit. As mentioned, it’s amazing what tech is accomplishing for us. You can hear the details about these apps and more on this episode of Optimize Automate Outsource.

Now Doctors are Predicting Successful Cancer Treatment with the help of A.I.

Over 150 cancer therapies are currently on the market and there’s never been an easy way to decide which drug will be best for individual patients. Until now. Oncobox applies personalized genetic profiling to help oncologists decide which drug to use for a particular patient. Its success rate is staggering, making the right course of treatment up to 3 times more effective so far. It’s cost-effective and a great application of A.I. You may want to tell your oncologist about this is you’re suffering from cancer. Find out more on this episode.

Using A.I. to match you with the right company.

There’s a new service available for job seekers with an 88% approval rating so far — it’s called Leap. The thing it does differently is that it uses your profile and the profile of its partner companies to match you with a team not only based on your skills and experience but also based on its assessment of how you’d fit into that company’s culture. If Leap thinks you’re a match, it makes a direct recommendation to the company’s hiring department and guarantees you’ll hear back from them. Check this one out. It could save a lot of time and loads of headaches.

Here’s an app to make your job as a driver much easier and more profitable.

If you serve as a driver for Lyft and Uber (and many people DO work for both companies) there’s now an app called Mystro Driver that connects to the API of both apps so that you can see what rides are available, which would be most profitable for you to take, and lots of other cool features. The claim is that you can earn 30% more, are able to drive safer, and never miss the trips you want most. It sounds promising, so be sure to listen for details.

Want to elicit more emotion from your writing? Here’s the app for you.

If you spend your day writing for a living you know the power the written word can have on people. Sales letters, responses to clients, marketing materials — all of them require that you be effective in the words you use. Now there’s a service that analyzes your writing and makes suggestions based on the type of emotion you want to elicit from the recipient, and it charges on a per-use basis, 50 cents per query. Find out more from Ari and Nick on this episode of OAO.

Featured Resources Mentioned On This Episode

  • [0:03] Updates on the Leverage team who were in danger in St. Martin because of hurricane Irma. You can donate to the GoFundMe here.
  • [3:40] Boost Linguistics: The AI your content can’t live without. 50 cents per analysis.
  • [5:32] SMB Rate: Kayak for small business loans.
  • [6:07] Bunch: a team assessment and success platform.
  • [7:36] Ray Dalio TED Talk about managing meetings and assessing trust.
  • [10:17] Using AI to match you with the right company.
  • [11:08] Mystro Driver: An app to automatically switch between Lyft and Uber for drivers.
  • [12:39] Oncobox: A personalized profiling service to simulate cancer treatments.

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