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The Amazon School of Marketing

There’s a wealth of information on Amazon… But no one is using it!

In this case study, we’re going to show you how to quickly and easily create a playbook filled with language that is guaranteed to resonate with your audience.

Team Member Spotlight: Kelli U.

Kelli U: Leverage Team Member

Kelli U. works with Leverage in our Marketing vertical, focusing on graphic design. With a strong design background, Kelli helps her clients create everything from logos to presentations to custom PDFs, lead magnets, social media assets, and more.

How to Create a Year of Content in 1 Hour

A year’s worth of content in an hour? Yes, it’s possible.

CONTENT! It’s the next big thing, and it takes up way too much of everyone’s time. But whether you like it or not, nearly every marketing strategy involves some type of content creation.

Team Member Spotlight: Anna B.

Welcome to the first-ever Leverage Team Member Spotlight! We’ll be using this as an outlet to showcase our amazing team members so you can get to know the people behind the screen. Stay tuned for more!

Anna B.: Leverage Team Member

Anna B. works with Leverage in our Marketing vertical, focusing mainly on video and graphic design-related tasks. If you need to create a video for your business, improve your YouTube channel, or even create a full-on movie — Anna is here to help.

Using Google Alerts to Foster Business Relationships

If you’re running a business in 2019 and you’re not using Google alerts in some capacity, you’re missing out on massive opportunities.

A Conversation with Kathy Caprino, a World-Renown Career Coach.

Learn about her 180-degree career flip at 40-years-old and how she writes viral blog posts.

Meet Kathy Caprino. She worked as a corporate marketer for 18 years, and around the age of 40, did a 180-degree change in careers…and became a therapist! She is now an internationally-recognized career coach and TEDx speaker dedicated to the global advancement of professional women.

The Power of Chatbots: 3 Ways A Chatbot Can Drive Sales Through Facebook

Based on insights from an interview with Arvell Craig, Facebook Messenger chatbot and conversational marketing expert, and founder of Chatbot Funnels.

5 ways to Strengthen Your Business Acumen

Based on insights from an interview with Howard Getson, CEO and Founder of Capitalogix.

Transforming a Start-up into a Business: 5 Lessons Learned to Create a United and Productive…

Photo credit:  Pixabay

Like any new business, Leverage was not immune to the challenges and adversities that most start-ups face.

Creative Real Estate: 3 Ways to Create Real Income with Term Deals Without Using Your Cash or…

Based on an interview with real estate coach, mentor and best-selling author Chris Prefontaine.

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