On Demand Code Review Service, A Motivation & Confidence App, Automated Screenshots, and more —…

What if you developers out there could get qualified, accurate feedback about the software code you write, anytime you need it? It’s possible through a new on demand code review service from Pull Request. It will enable you to add another layer to your quality checks to ensure that the code you’re about to make live is right and works as it should. You can hear about how the service works and the benefits it will add to your workflow — along with Ari and Nick’s thoughts about it and a handful of other new services, on this episode of Optimize, Automate, Outsource.

Need to take screenshots of other sites periodically (like your competition)? Automate it.

In high-competition niches, it’s important to stay abreast of everything your competition is doing. You want to know the changes they are making to their service as soon as possible so that you can pivot your offerings and stay competitive. It’s not a big deal to check out their website from time to time, but it’s also not the best use of your time. That’s why services like BlitApp exist, to automatically take screenshots of websites on a designated schedule. You’ll hear about how BlitApp works and why Ari likes it a bit more than similar services, on this episode.

Now there’s a way to automate team training and F.A.Q. about processes and procedures.

Whenever you’ve been on a product or services website you’ve likely seen the chat bubbles at the bottom right of the screen that you can use to ask questions. It’s a convenient feature that allows for immediate engagement between service providers and prospects using automation. One of the more powerful of those chat services is called Intercom. On this episode, Ari and Nick discuss how they are using a new feature of Intercom called “Operator” to create a powerful “Q & A” training tool for the Leverage staff that helps new employees or those unfamiliar with a particular process get their questions answered automatically. This one is a great time saver.

This Laser Engraver enables you to uniquely create your own personalized stuff!

You’ve seen laser engravers before, or at least the result of one. But they’ve never been as simple and accessible to the general public as this: Cubio. It’s a cube shaped, ultra-small device that enables you to engrave any design on almost any surface. It connects to a smartphone app and uses pictures you take with your smartphone camera as the template for the patterns you engrave. You’ve got to check this one out — it’s got all kinds of applications.

Time tracking for teams and agencies — and it’s free!

Most of us are familiar with time tracking apps. But now there’s a solution for teams and agencies that enables managers to easily keep track of their team’s time that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. In fact, it’s entirely free. With Clockify you can manage as many team members, projects, and workspaces as you need. It’s simple to use and very effective. You can learn more about this powerful service on this episode of Optimize, Automate, Outsource.

Featured Resources Mentioned On This Episode

  • [0:03] The line between work and play and how it has contributed to a “long” summer.
  • [1:06] Primed Mind: A motivation and confidence app.
  • [3:02] Reverse engineering copy for products (article).
  • [4:50] Setting a schedule to take screenshots of other websites: BlitApp.
  • [5:01] http://Clockify.me — a new approach to time tracking
  • [5:50] Pull request: code review as a service.
  • [6:46] A tiny cube-sized laser engraver: Cubio
  • [7:51] Intercom Operator — using as a help center among our team.
  • [9:44] The feedback feature in the new dashboard app.

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