Live A Magical Life, The 2-Hour Marathon Barrier, Olympic Swimming — Episode #41

Ari often refers to one of his favorite blogs, “Barking Up The Wrong Tree” and on this episode he starts the show referring to an article there entitled “How to Make Life Magical,” and as you can tell my the title, it’s about how to live a magical life. But this particular list is all science-based, so it merits attention. In typical style, Ari and Nick’s banter is almost as interesting as the article itself — almost.

Nike’s quest to break the 2-hour marathon barrier.

Human performance is a large part of what’s behind the quest to live a magical life — and one of the current barriers being undertaken in a quest to increase human performance is the quest to break the 2 hour marathon barrier. Currently, Dennis Kimetto of Kenya holds the world record for the fastest marathon at 2 hours, 2 minutes, and 57 seconds. But Nike is pouring tons of resources into pushing past that 2-hour mark. On this episode Ari and Nick chat about their efforts.

One of the most amazing Olympic races ever: The 2008 Men’s Swim Relay

As Ari and Nick chat about the attempts Nike is making to break the 2-hour marathon barrier, Nick brought up the video of the 2008 Beijing Olympics Men’s 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay. He says it’s one of the greatest races of all time and highlights how Jazon Lezak, a veteran swimmer from the USA used the wake of his opponent, Alain Bernard to propel himself forward, leaving him a reserve of energy from which to draw to edge out Bernard in the final second of the race. Pretty cool stuff — and you can hear the guys talk about it on this episode.

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