Leverage & Process Street Partnership Announcement

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We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Process Street!

To find out more, read this blog which highlights a product overview and how Leverage members will directly benefit from this news.

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Blake Bailey, head of customer success for Process Street teamed up with Leverage to review the power of action-oriented checklists.

For any process that you use more than once, it’s important to document a “how-to” for that process, which guides your team members to successfully execute whatever task is at hand.

This is a product where you can directly see a MASSIVE ROI. It makes your business run efficiently and seamlessly by providing clear directions and processes for every part of your company.

Why process documentation is CRUCIAL to your business

Well documented processes de-risk your company

  • If only one person knows or runs a process, this can create a bottleneck for your company.
  • By having a well-documented process, the task could hypothetically be completed by anyone in the company.
  • For instance, if you have one person handling your payroll, and their step by step checklist is documented, that person can go on vacation or leave the company and someone else could easily step in and perform that task.

It allows for innovation and collaboration

  • Having multiple team members involved invites new ways of thinking to be applied to a process that might have been running the same way for years, simply out of habit.

Process Street checklists are DYNAMIC

When creating any to-do list, you typically have a checklist of items and then cross them off as you complete them. But with Process Street, you are able to EXPLAIN each checklist item — through the use of videos, images, adding details to the item, and even assign each step on your checklist to a different team member if needed.

The checklists have RULES

With Process Street, you can enforce an order to ensure everyone follows a set path. For example, you can create a rule that says a person running through the checklist can’t get to the next checklist item until the one before it is completed. You can also assign due dates for each checklist.

This is a mock-workflow created by Process Street to show features within a checklist

They make outsourcing EASY

Save your time and money — use these checklists to send to others and explain what you need done. If you have a Virtual Assistant, and you have a task you need completed that is already documented, you could send them a checklist and say, “complete my payroll by following these steps” which eliminates the need for you to verbally explain your task and gives all of the necessary info for proper execution.

You can also organize your workflow by using the ‘inbox’ feature. With this feature, you can make your checklist look like an email inbox, listed in order of due dates to cross the items off as you complete them in a format you’re already familiar with.

Real-life implementation by LEVERAGE

If you’re a member of Leverage or one of our regular readers, you already know how we like to use these tools in new ways to optimize their effectiveness. By integrating other tools like Zapier with our Process Street checklist, we were able to automate our hiring process. What previously took anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours, now is completed in 5 MINUTES.

You might be asking yourself, “How?!”

When a candidate visits our website and submits their application — which is a wufoo form — it triggers a list in Process Street to start that candidates file and autofills their information. From there we are alerted to view their application and then with the click of a button we can send a contract to them if we want to offer them an interview.

We’ve found this so valuable, we’re GIVING it to our members!

Leverage is happy to announce an exciting new partnership with Process Street, which means we are giving each of our members a FREE enterprise account which includes two users, valued at $120/month. We also work directly with Process Street, therefore our clients are able to submit a task to Leverage to create and implement the processes needed, specific to their company.

Interested in learning more? Watch this video for an overview.

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