Jobs for Felons, Get Money Back from Airlines, and Discover Your Online Vulnerabilities — Episode…

Ari is flying solo on this episode — Nick is once again out of the country, visiting one of the 17 time zones the Leverage team is spread across. But the resources Ari has to share are pretty interesting, nonetheless. He highlights a new service that is essentially an employment board that offers jobs for felons — the 70 million people who have been formerly incarcerated and find it difficult to get a job as a result. He’s also going to introduce you to a service that enables you to get compensated for delayed or canceled flights, and tells you how you can use another free service to track the places in your shared accounts where you might be vulnerable. It’s all on this episode of Optimize, Automate, Outsource.

Providing jobs for felons could be a really good thing for your company.

It’s a normal thing for employers to be skeptical of hiring people with a criminal record. But many times, though the people in question have served their time and have truly reformed, their past haunts them still. A new service called 70 Million jobs is a job board for those formerly incarcerated and is an opportunity for companies to give offenders a second chance and the ability to change the course of their lives going forward. It’s a great idea and one Ari highlights on this episode.

Get Service makes a pivot and focuses on helping you get money back from airlines.

Anyone who flies routinely has had the experience of a delayed or canceled flight. Airlines are quick to give you the very least they can in order to pacify you — when in reality what is fair is often much more. That’s where “Service” comes in — it’s a service that tracks your flights with an eye toward finding places the airline should have done right by you but didn’t. And they go to work on your behalf. Find out how you can use this service to get compensated for the inconveniences you’ve experienced as you’ve traveled.

Zapier’s LeadScore integration enables you to learn about your sales leads.

With the advent of “social selling” it’s vital that you know as much about your leads as possible before you make contact. The more the person on the other end of the interaction is able to feel that you care about them in a personal way, the more likely it will be that you are able to build the rapport that will fuel a long-term relationship. That’s why Zapier has created its “lead score” integration, a way for you to find out details and history of your leads easily and automatically. It’s a great tool that Ari describes on this episode.

Do you know where you are vulnerable online due to your own sharing of resources?

Almost every business online is sharing resources via Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, or some other group sharing service. But did you realize that there are built-in vulnerabilities that are easy to lose track of over time? Marshal is a fast, easy way for companies of any size to uncover sensitive data exposed and unprotected in their cloud. It sifts through your online sharing accounts and within minutes will alert you to exposed Social Security Numbers, credit card numbers, email addresses, and phone numbers — and it will tell you whether those files are being shared or have public links enabled. It’s a free service so everyone should check it out.

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