Job Flexibility, Impact of Smartphones, Stem Cells, and more — Episode #58

Each episode of Optimize Automate Outsource is aimed at helping you find the tools you need to be more effective in the things that matter to your life. This episode features articles, practices Ari and Nick are applying in their own lives, and a few services. Listen in to the conversation to hear how job flexibility/workplace flexibility is becoming more of a draw for talent, how the presence of your smartphone in the room can lead to cognitive limitations, how email can be used as a task manager, and more.

Job flexibility is becoming more and more important to job seekers

If you’re trying to build a company you know how competitive the job market is right now. People with the talent and attitude you need are in high demand — so you need every advantage you can get. Surveys are showing that one of the things job seekers are looking for is job or workplace flexibility. Is there any way you can provide that? If so, you might have the edge in getting the talent you need. Ari and Nick talk about an article that reveals the findings of the survey and discuss situations in which it may not apply, so be sure you listen.

Could your own stem cells be used to help you when you’re older?

There is still a lot of debate and theory about the usefulness of stem cells. But the prevailing scientific belief is that stem cells could be the key to all kinds of genetic therapies and treatments. In this episode of OAO Ari and Nick discuss one company that is offering to be your stem cell “bank” (for lack of a better term) so that, should the science catch up with the theory you may be able to treat some of the health issues you face as you age with your own stem cells. It’s an interesting idea. Find out more on this episode.

Could your email function as a task manager, reminder, and more?

Would it be helpful for you if you could schedule reminders, send follow-ups and create calendar events with just a few keystrokes, directly in your email? Gopher is a new service discussed on this episode of OAO that is entirely based on native email. There are far too many features to be listed in this paragraph and the applications for its use are far-reaching, so take a few minutes to listen to Ari and Nick discussing the app.

Nick’s learning Italian — for a very interesting reason.

One of the things Nick has long felt he needs to work on is what he calls his monotone way of speaking. He feels he’s a good communicator but would benefit greatly from learning better voice inflection and expression. What’s he doing to correct the issue? He’s taking Italian lessons. So much of the language is dependent on tone of voice and inflection, he’s finding it very helpful. Hear the entire story on this episode and maybe you’ll discover a solution to YOUR monotone voice. :)

Featured Resources Mentioned On This Episode

  • [0:06] Ari’s travel schedule and events over the next few weeks.
  • [0:54] Article that shows the presence of your phone in the room reduces cognitive capacity.
  • [2:31] Workplace flexibility: redefining work.
  • [3:36] Forever Labs — stem cells saving service to help once you age.
  • [5:20] Slack for email:
  • [6:01] Nick’s goals and why he’s learning Italian (to get rid of his monotone).

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