How To Podcast: 4 Hacks from a Pro to Up Your Podcasting Game

At Leverage, we like to learn from the best and that’s why this Podcast Blog is based off of tips from Paul Colligan, one of the top Podcasters out there and best-selling author of the popular book How To Podcast.

Let’s start with the basics. What IS a podcast?

Everyone you ask might give a slightly different version of their idea of a podcast, and that is part of the problem. Most people think podcasts are important, or good to do for promoting their skills or business, but don’t know what it really is. According to Paul,

“A podcast is simply Audio or Video that is made available Online for easy, on-demand consumption and/or subscription-based delivery.”

Some people are so intimidated by the thought of podcasting, that they never even try to start. But chances are, if you are producing any type of consistent media, you are already on your way to forming a podcast.

You can turn digital media into a podcast in four easy steps:

  1. Create digital media — if you’re new to podcasting, this doesn’t have to be a formal or high-tech endeavor. it can be anything digital, even as simple as recording yourself speaking into your phone.
  2. Put it online — no one will benefit from your digital content unless you put it online. The key is to find a host that is prepared for podcast content and always read the fine print to avoid any surprises if your podcast becomes a hit.
  3. Make it podcast ready — this step can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. The simplest form of editing a podcast would be cutting out any extra chatter at the beginning and end. In-depth edits could be things like removing “ums” and “ahs”, removing long pauses, creating custom music…and so on.
  4. Tell the world — get your podcast in front of as many people as possible. Get it listed in major directories, form and implement a marketing plan, and promote your podcast.

Now that you’re ready to start your podcast, use these 4 hacks to get the most out of your time.

Hack #1 — Seasons

Be strategic, purposeful and seasonal. If your podcast is on say, productivity, follow the Apple trend setters and turn several episodes into one season.

  1. Outline 10 episodes
  2. Record all of them in one session
  3. Give it to your editor and let him or her take it away

Now you have a full season of episodes, and listeners can download by season/topic.

Hack #2 — Use Libsyn

Libsyn is the tried and true podcasting service. They do all the heavy lifting to get your podcast up and running.

Hack #3 — Prep for the Future

When you assemble your show, don’t assemble it for next week — assemble for next year, or even the next ten years. The goal here is to think big and think long term. You never know when your podcast may inspire Oprah to call or if you’ll receive a Tedx speaker spot, like Grammar Girl.

Hack #4 — Outsource

Is it impure to outsource your podcast? Short answer: NO.

At Leverage, we’re big fans of outsourcing work so that you can focus on the more important parts of your business that support your unique talents.

You can continue to be the author and provide the information for your podcast, but handover all the other parts to someone who can do them better or faster than you could. Genius Network calls this “focusing on your unique ability.”

If you have–or want to have–a podcast, we would love to hear from you! Leave your questions, comments or other tips below.

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