How CloudApp is Revolutionizing the Digital Workspace

Based on an interview with entrepreneur, technology leader and CloudApp CEO Tyler Koblasa.

Tyler Koblasa, CEO of CloudApp, has a history in evolving the digital landscape and optimizing online communication and workflows. In the mid-90’s, Tyler began his technology career coding for free-hosting networks and eventually starting his own: and, a former top-700 site (Alexa). Among other impressive titles, Tyler was a Senior Engineer at AOL and founded the uber-successful CRM platform, Mingly, which was named a top 100 company for 2012 by Entrepreneur Magazine. Not to mention winning StartupWeekend LA in 2009.

Through his multiple startups and tech endeavors, Tyler found he was consistently faced with the challenge of adequately conveying a clear and concise message, digitally, to those he was working with. Whether he was developing a new product and needed to provide feedback or quickly explain something to a customer or client; the biggest underlying question was

“How can we communicate faster?”

Fast forward to 2013 when Tyler met Max Schoening, founder of CloudApp. At the time, CloudApp was a basic screenshot capturing tool that saved content in the cloud. Then, the primary users of CloudApp were the crafters and builders of tomorrow such as the co-founders of Airbnb, CEO and founders of MailChimp, and Kevin Rose — all successful entrepreneurs faced with the same digital communication challenge. As a user himself, Tyler saw the massive potential of this two key-stroke cloud app “claw” that was allowing users to communicate what was on their screen to someone else in a matter of seconds.

The rest is history, literally. As CEO of CloudApp since 2014, Tyler has skyrocketed the business and continues to evolve CloudApp’s functionality. CloudApp is now one of the web’s most popular video and image sharing platforms, even making the Top 50 Software Companies 2018.

So, What Is CloudApp?

If you haven’t heard of CloudApp before, download it now. Seriously.

CloudApp is an intelligent digital communication platform that enables users to quickly capture screenshots, video walk-through’s, webcam recordings, and GIFs in two simple keystrokes. The first key-stroke captures the content, instantly uploads it to a secure cloud and creates a short, shareable URL link. Step two, the second keystroke, is simply using the paste command to easily share the link created for your content with customers, clients, or your team. Enabling you to convey a message or visual content within seconds.

Avoiding miscommunication with CloudApp has become a game changer with the annotation feature. With one keystroke command, a user can take a screenshot and annotate the image to your heart’s desire to show the end-user precisely what they need to know with arrows, text, highlighting and more.

Transform for Your Workflow

Asynchronous communication is the future of work, and this tool has revolutionized the communication gap in the digital world. Visual communication, in the form of rich content images or video, is processed 60,000x faster than text and enhances comprehension. CloudApp helps you get your point across clearer and faster. Not only does the capturing and sharing feature take seconds, but the receiver saves valuable time without the need to read lengthy emails and deciphering the sender’s message.

“It’s like Snapchat for work”

Besides capturing rich content, CloudApp has evolved into a workspace productivity platform in three fundamental ways. It’s:

  • Secure
  • Accessible
  • Flexible


If you’re working with sensitive information, the content can either be kept in a secure cloud, deleted manually or set to be automatically destroyed after a specified time period.


The cloud can also act as an intelligent library to store collections of content and share them with your team or network in the cloud. Depending on your plan, some paid versions allow custom cloud domains and custom storage locations.

Say goodbye to your hard drive or shared network being bogged down by image and video files. While the free version of CloudApp has limited file size, bandwidth and total storage — which may be beneficial for an individual user — the Pro, Team, and Business plans can accommodate sizable to unlimited usage and cloud storage.


Cloud and link customization are available in some CloudApp paid plans, including custom branding and webhooks.

A lesser known feature is pasting text or images saved to your PC’s clipboard to create a cloud file and URL link for sharing. For snippets, a piece of text, or even something sensitive such as a password that you don’t want kept somewhere unsecure — this feature allows you to securely share that information and destroy it when it’s no longer needed.

Within the CloudApp cloud, another useful feature is the ability to highlight multiple items, copying the multiple URL’s of each piece and paste them into the environment your working in. This feature is particularly handy if you’re taking numerous screenshots or videos in a row to outline a process. If your team uses Slack, for example, the content is expanded within the screen easily allowing the receiver to view the content in order.

How can I Optimize CloudApp for my Business?

“Save time, even hours, in your workflow”

For individuals, teams, or entire organizations CloudApp has been used not only to enhance online communications but also:

  • Documenting workflows and processes
  • Internal Learning Management Systems
  • Customer FAQ’s
  • Knowledge Spaces
  • Ticketing Systems

For example, the Leverage team documents processes in Process Street. Annotating images and videos enhances the checklist process at each step. It’s the ultimate tool for the visual learner.

The Future of CloudApp

The CloudApp team is continuously working on evolving CloudApp to answer the question “How can we work smarter and faster.” Tyler let us in one exciting new feature his team is currently working: the integration of artificial intelligence in the cloud collections. Machine learning for more intelligent communications! Tyler has been working closely with chatbot companies like Intercom and Drift to connect an inquirer to an index based off of content stored in the cloud and using this stored rich media to solve a problem. AI that will be able to match content based on text, object or color, as well as an analytics feature for ticketing systems to better understand the context within your company and with customers. The future of chatbots!

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