Get Things Done in a ZAP! Using Zapier Automations

How Zapier can automate your business

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If you haven’t used this tool yet, start saving time by understanding how to make it work for your business.

Zapier is the glue that joins two systems together, enabling you to extract and send info you need on command. It allows apps to “speak” to one another, and by visiting their website you’ll notice there’s more than 750 apps to choose from, which means if you’re looking to automate something — it’s more than likely a possibility.

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You may have heard of IFTTT

IFTTT, or “If This, Then That”, is a simple, conditional commands tool similar to Zapier, but with Zap you get more integrations related to business and that is why we use it at Leverage and why we recommend it to our clients.

With Zapier, you can easily build your own custom zaps or choose from their pre-made menu, which offers hundreds of options. For example, if you search “google calendar” you’ll see more than 100 suggestions for how to automate your calendar. You can choose to send a certain email every Monday, or even send a certain email every time it rains…seriously!

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Release Your Cognitive Overload

You might be thinking that these tasks, or weekly reminders that you could easily automate, don’t take up that much time. And it’s true to an extent — if you want to remind clients to join a weekly webinar every Monday, like we do, it might take about a minute to send a message. But when you add up the workload of these mental tasks and the inbox clutter they create, it becomes a big deal.

Remembering the task each week, creating the message, sending and then adding up the other five or ten — or more — small tasks similar to this that you do everyday, you’ll start to realize how much this can take off of your plate.

Now, instead of sending the message yourself, you go along with your Monday and allow a Zap to do it for you by connecting your calendar to Slack — or whatever medium you are sending your message through.

Nick’s auto-message to Slack

Set a Zap in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Choose a TRIGGER
  2. Choose the ACTION
  3. Confirm and SET LIVE!

With this Zap below, every time we upload a new video to Wistia, our members receive a message through Slack to let give them the link to view the recording.

Reap the Rewards

Even if you don’t want to learn the set-up, our team is skilled at setting this up for you. This blog brushes the service, but once you start customizing your Zaps, creating multi-stage Zaps to send multiple action-items from each trigger, and relying on this to help redefine your repeating tasks — you’ll discover its extreme power in automating your business.

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