Custom Molded Earbuds, A Finance App for Couples, A Sales Email Analyzer, and More — Episode #52

Don’t you just HATE it when earbuds hurt your ears? Now there’s a better way. On this episode of Optimize, Automate, Outsource Ari tells about the new custom molded earbuds he received from Hello Ear. In short, he loves them. The company uses a picture of your ear to craft a set of earbuds for you that fit perfectly and feel good. Really, they feel good — no more pain when you listen to our podcast! Find out more about getting your own custom molded earbuds on this episode.

When is the last time you wrote a check from your bank account?

Ari and Nick have not had a regular use for traditional bank checks for years. But when they come across the need for one they’ve resorted to going to the bank to get a certified or cashier’s check. Now there’s a new option — enables you to send checks from your own bank account via their online dashboard, and you can even set it up to send checks for you at regular intervals. Find out how to use it on the off chance you need a bank check by listening to this episode.

Increase your cold email effectiveness.

Datanannas is a service that enables you to get tweak suggestions for the prospecting and cold emails you write — B2C or B2B. It’s a great tool to provide feedback and make your emails more effective. It gives tips regarding the length of your email, the variables you use, the customization and personalization of your writing, and more. The company has added services to help you dial-in and maximize your marketing campaigns and prospect follow-up.

Need a super powerful chat functionality for your website or company?

You may have seen the chat bubble we use on the Leverage website. It’s an integration from a company called Intercom and it enables us to connect directly with prospects who reach out to us through the app. But it has tons of other features we use internally that make our team communication more effective, including sending of private messages to filtered groups and teams within our company. You won’t believe all the stuff this thing can do, so listen to find out more.

Are you tired of being on a different page from your spouse when it comes to finances?

Many couples struggle financially, not because they disagree on what should be done with their money but because they forget to communicate about things that are actually done There’s a new app called Honey Due that makes communication about finances effortless. You can hear how it could be used to keep couples “in the know” with each other on this episode of OAO.

Featured Resources Mentioned On This Episode

  • [0:03] Nick’s recent time away — it was FULL of travel and trips (including a root canal).
  • [2:00] Update on the new dashboard software and app.
  • [2:50] Hello Ear — custom earbuds made from a photo of your ear.
  • [3:53] Get Service has pivoted to deal ONLY with flight delays and refunds.
  • [5:50] — For $1 per check you can create checks from your bank account.
  • [7:44] Datanannas — get input on your cold emails to increase effectiveness.
  • [9:47] Zapier integrations: Leadscore service
  • [11:31] Intercom — chat bubble for websites and internal help center.
  • [13:37] Honey Due — expense tracker for couples

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