CRM Showdown: Why Infusionsoft Could Be the Answer to Your CRM and Marketing Problems

Interview with Clate Mask, CEO of InfusionSoft

We recently started the process of becoming an Infusionsoft partner. Even in the very beginning of our application we were pleasantly surprised to see a plethora of information and insights offered about Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and its relationship to marketing efforts.

Infusionsoft is — at its core — a CRM software. It is built specifically for small businesses to help organize each part of its client communications, in order to deliver better service to leads, prospects and current customers.

At the heart of Infusionsoft, it is a CRM system. However, it has layers of aspects intertwined natively into its system to combine the traditional CRM with a full array of small business services. This glorified way of functioning makes it a more efficient tool that has the ability to convert leads without using a large amount of manpower.

Traditional CRM vs. Infusionsoft

When people think of customer relationship management systems often they think in the traditional sense of what used to be the standard. This means a contact is stored in a database, and every type of interaction with that specific contact is on record. Plus you can add notes, plan meetings, and so forth–all related to one person.

Alas, with a traditional CRM many people miss out on the key interactions of a one-to-many model and are limited to the one-to-one interactions. This is limiting due to the fact that you either:

a.) Have a few solid, manageable relationships on a one-to-one basis or

b.) Speak to everyone as if they are the same person, losing the personalized and “tailored” communications.

With Infusionsoft, it combines the aspects of a traditional CRM system to provide organization but also goes light-years beyond to allow the ability to integrate marketing and sales aspects and have the important one-to-one AND one-to-many types of communications.

Customer Database + Marketing + Sales + Service (such as eCommerce) = Infusionsoft

“The more you get into the power of Infusionsoft, the more you’ll be blown away by what’s possible in creating efficiency and leverage for your customers” -Clate Mask

Why Infusionsoft is Different…In a Good Way.

Infusionsoft believes marketing and CRM must be integrated. In fact, Clate says it is essential that they work together seamlessly. The other differentiation and benefit of using this tool is its automation capabilities.

With Infusionsoft, you can automate and execute different processes. Especially as a small business, this is an important key factor in running your business. From email sequences to drip campaigns that lead to Landing Pages (also created with Infusionsoft), the options are nearly endless.

Automation is what really makes Infusionsoft stand out from other CRMs. When clients learn to use automation to their benefit they get more leverage (Ahem, no pun intended) out of their client database.

This is For Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs.

“95% of Infusionsoft’s customers are small businesses with 25 employees or less.” -Clate Mask

Whether you have a 5 person or 25 person company, you need the ability to manage a lead from the time they become a lead throughout their entire life cycle as a client — hopefully for years to come. Infusionsoft offers that unique set-up.

Infusionsoft Made Major Changes.

Several years ago, customers were confused when using Infusionsoft because it initially came into the market positioning itself as powerhouse CRM system.

When the company realized some of its features and options were intimidating to users, it did as any good company would and pivoted. It created a simplified user interface, and improved the user experience, but not to worry it is still a powerhouse of a product if and when you need it to be.

Keep in mind, this is a suite of tools. In the long run, using Infusionsoft would make integrated sales and marketing with your CRM simpler and less expensive, since these capabilities are native to its software. Plus, it has an open API so if you want to get really creative, the [Infusionsoft] world is your oyster.

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