Clone Your Dog, The Hyperloop Is Approved, The Perfect Energy Bar, and More — Episode #49

For those who really love their pets and can’t imagine being without them, there is an amazing new technology you’ll love. You can now pay to have your dog’s DNA collected so that in the event of the loss of your pet you can have a genetically identical clone of your pet created. Really, the technology to do it is here. Find out more about cloning your pet on this episode.

If you’re searching for the perfect energy bar, look no further.

Ari’s friend, Ben Greenfield, of Ben Greenfield Fitness Systems, has been on a quest to create the perfect energy bar — and now he’s got it perfected and available to the public. It’s not Paleo, it’s not Vegan. It’s just a clean, hypoallergenic and guilt-free energy bar packed with ingredients that support energy, muscle gain, and fat loss — and no unhealthy chemicals. Ari introduces it on this episode.

Hyperloop One has been approved for the east coast of the United States.

Elon Musk has been leading the charge for a while to get a high-speed transportation system established in various parts of the world. Just this past week he announced that it’s been verbally approved for his company to begin construction of a Hyperloop route between New York City and Washington, D.C. that would make the travel time about 30 minutes. Wow. Find out the details on this episode.

App-based valet parking that’s always available, wherever you go.

No more searching for a parking spot or garage. No more circling the block waiting for someone to pull away from a parking meter. Now you can use your phone to have a valet driver meet you at your destination and they’ll either sit with your car and bring it back to you when you’re ready or park it for you. You can even have the valet driver get your oil changed or tires rotated while you’re occupied with other things. Yep, it’s real. Check it out on this episode.

Productivity coaching certification that’s second-to-none.

On this episode, Ari announces the next Leverage certified coaching cohort will launch in November of 2017. It’s your opportunity to add productivity coaching to your resume and help others not only get more organized but clear out the space that enables them to make a bigger impact in their world. On this episode Ari explains how you can get in on this world-class training, so be sure you listen.

Featured Resources Mentioned On This Episode

  • [0:21] The next coaching certification is coming up in November.
  • [1:13] Nature Bite — the perfect energy bar from Ben Greenfield.
  • [2:14] Elon Musk’s announcement of his approval for the hyperloop.
  • [3:11] Pet cloning: for those who need a clone of your animal at a later date.
  • [4:10] DropCar — app-based valet parking service.
  • [5:50] — case-based customer support

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