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You’ve heard it said that money can’t buy you happiness — and that’s right. But it appears that money can buy time, which in turn can contribute to greater amounts of happiness. On this episode of Optimize, Automate, Outsource, Ari discusses an article that reveals that those who spend as little as $40 a week buying back the time it takes to do various tasks (picking up dry cleaning, cleaning the house, etc.) are finding their happiness levels rising. Why is that? Ari discusses it on this episode.

Digital fine art that looks authentic and enriches your home.

One of the problems with fine art is that while the average person may enjoy it, they only get to do so in a museum or through inheriting it from a rich family member. The cost of purchasing fine art is far outside of most people’s budget. That’s where The Depict Frame comes in. It’s a digital frame that provides realistic looking fine art for the average person. A one-time purchase could fill your home with the finest of fine art. You should check it out on this episode.

Now you can monitor all your online activity in one, easy-to-use place.

A difficult aspect of building a digitally based business is keeping a growing team in the know when it comes to activity that’s taking place. It’s imperative that notifications work, and work effectively. There’s a new service called Hall Monitor that enables you to build custom reports of your varied online activities and send that report to Slack channels you designate so everyone on your team knows what’s going on. Brilliant. Find out more on this episode.

Noise canceling that doesn’t block out the important sounds you need to hear.

There are all kinds of gadgets out there that are trendy and fun. But every now and then one comes along that truly makes sense. Soundbrake is one of those. It’s a noise-cancelling gadget that does much more than block out everything outside your headphones. It actually detects the sounds around you according to your custom settings and pauses your music when something is going on around you that you need to know about. Find out how it works on this episode of OAO.

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Featured Resources Mentioned On This Episode

  • [0:03] The new “Dashboard” app is on the way. Updates to come.
  • [1:00] How you can get a free month in the “Leverage Labs” OR become a certified Leverage coach.
  • [1:52] Article: Buying time promotes happiness.
  • [3:54] Here’s the link to Ari’s flight with Nik on the “Takeoff with Nik” YouTube show.
  • [4:33] Soundbrake 2.0 Kickstarter — variable headphone noise cancellation
  • [5:22] The Depict Frame — a digital frame for realistic looking art.
  • [6:12] — monitor all of your activity in one place.

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