Blood Analysis, Photo Touch-ups, On-demand Products, and Eye Tracking Software — Episode #44

To start off this episode, Ari and Nick chat about their experience with a new sponsor, InsideTracker, a service that provides blood analysis services for those who are interested in optimizing their health from a blood chemistry perspective. Ari and Nick chat about their results, the tweaks they’re making as a result, and why they think it’s helpful for most people to do blood analysis work regularly. If you’d like to try out InsideTracker, you can get 15% by using the link in the show notes for this episode.

Professional graphic artists on demand to enhance your photos.

We’ve all had the experience of taking a quick photo with our smartphone and needing to get it touched up. But how many of us know a professional graphic artist who can do that for us quickly and in a cost-effective manner? That’s where Tweak comes in. It’s an app that allows you to submit a photo for correction or touch-ups and a professional graphic artist will do the work and return the photo to you, pronto. Imagine what this could mean for systems and timelines when creating photos for eBay listings, Amazon, your website, etc. Get the picture? ;)

Digital printing for all your swag. That’s Gooten.

Ari and Nick met the team from Gooten at a recent event they attended and were very impressed with what they’re offering. It’s nothing new to have your logo printed on promotional or swag items, but there’s always been an issue with what kind of items can be created and the minimum quantities you have to order. No more — Gooten allows you to put your image on just about anything and in quantities as low as one. It’s a great idea and not as pricey as you might imagine. Check it out.

Are you a wellness professional who wants to travel? Renly may be the thing for you.

Imagine this scenario: You’re a wellness practitioner — maybe a chiropractor, yoga instructor, or fitness trainer — and you want to travel. But you have to be able to service clients wherever you go. That’s where Renly comes in. It’s like AirBnB for fitness and wellness professionals. You can find a location, agree to terms with a facility owner, and begin receiving clients at that location — and it’s possible to do all around the world. Find out more on this episode.

Motorized shades for everyone — and it’s affordable.

Motorized shades have been around for quite a while. But now you can get the same functionality and even have it automated via your smartphone without having to buy an all new set of shades for your home. Axis Gear is a device that you install on your existing shades that syncs with your app and controls the opening and closing of your shades. It’s a great idea and is about to launch. Find out how you can get yours, on this episode of Optimize, Automate, Outsource.

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