An Electricity Usage Monitor, On-Demand Parking Service, Free Radical Air Purification, and more —…

Most of us use much more electricity than we realize. In this episode of Optimize Automate Outsource, Ari shares his experience using a new electricity usage monitor and how its recommendations have cut his electricity bills significantly. Ari and Nick also speak about a new on-demand parking service, an air purification system that uses free radicals to clean the air, a kids meal delivery service, and more so make sure you set aside the time to find out about these new services and apps.

An electricity usage monitor that does some pretty amazing things.

Ari recently began using The Sense, an electricity usage monitor that detects when the appliances and devices in your home are being used. It can make recommendations about their usage and give you ideas for cutting your utility consumption. In a short matter of time, Ari’s family has been able to reduce their electricity bill to just $60 per month. The applications for a device like this are pretty significant and can make a huge impact on the planet. Listen to hear more about Ari’s experience and find out how you can get your own The Sense app.

If you don’t mind carpooling for your commute, this app could be for you.

Carpooling is a great idea both for financial and environmental reasons. But it’s not always easy to arrange when you only have your circle of connections to draw on in order to make it happen. That’s where a new carpooling app, Chariot comes in. You can connect with others who are going in the same direction as you and over time, establish a set schedule and route that the group takes for your daily commute. You can even give input regarding the route and times to ensure it is user-friendly for everyone involved. This app is a great idea and is very affordable. See if it makes sense for you by listening to this episode.

Do you have picky eaters at home? Here’s a new food delivery service for kids.

Yumble is a new meal delivery service created especially for kids. Not only is it a neat way to get food delivered to your home without the pain and hassle of shopping, but the meals are designed to be appealing to kids especially. Even if you don’t particularly want to use the service on an ongoing basis it’s a great way to get ideas for kid-friendly meals. You can hear how Ari likes the service and what he recommends about it, on this episode.

Drop car is a new on demand parking service that makes a lot of sense.

If you live in a major metropolitan area you know how difficult it can be to find a parking spot near the places you need to go. There is a new app called DropCar that enables you to schedule someone to meet you at your car when you are in a crowded area, and they will either sit with your car or drive it around until you are done with your appointment. It’s a great idea when parking is at a premium and can save you some serious cash. You can hear Ari’s review of the app and his experience in using it in this episode.

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