Airtable: Spreadsheets to Effortlessly Organize Your Business

How to get the most out of your content and collaborate with team members using this tool.

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Airtable is all the talk around offices these days. It’s a unique, colorful mix between excel style spreadsheets, a database system and functional project management.

In this post, we show you an example of how Airtable can be used to turn 1 piece of content into an entire pipeline, based on one of our own team members and Airtable advocate, Brittney Martinson.

When we think of Airtable, we think of it as a content hub that stores all of your important content so that you can organize it when it’s fresh and recycle it at a later date when you want to use it again.

Recycling is good for the environment and for your content.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Reduce the amount of work you need to do to produce effective and efficient content that you can reuse and recycle.

For example, here’s how we use Airtable for one of our clients. He creates one 30 minute video, and from that video we create: a blog post, medium article, youtube video, facebook video,4+ Instagram posts, 4+ Facebook posts and tweets. That’s a lot of content for a 30 minute video he does on the fly.

  1. Client creates a video and uploads to Google Drive
  2. Upload automatically turns into a new Trello card that alerts the Leverage team to get started on the project
  3. A Zap is triggered, which runs the video through a transcription service and that also automatically becomes a trello card assigned to a a Leverage writer to complete a blog post from the transcription, as well as pull quotes to use for instagram, twitter and facebook.
  4. Quotes from the blog are then turned into Instagram posts by a Leverage graphic designer.
  5. All content is tagged with a theme and scheduled in advance to make sure all media platforms are cohesive.

All of this work is housed and organized in Airtable, allowing for easy and complete collaboration among Leverage team members and the ability to keep track of which topics are being covered on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

A big key in this success is organizing every new video by a Topic. If we view the “Topics” tab, this shows the big picture of where each content piece will fit. In this section we researched and listed 100 popular topics related to the client’s business. The client creates videos based on these topics.

Within each category, you’re able to add more detail such as different title ideas, subfields and add a check mark to show whether or not this title was already used. This allows for easy tracking of what content has been posted, and shows which ideas still need to be covered.

In addition to Topics, there are multiple tabs that host the content for other parts of the project such as Instagram and Youtube. By using this tool, Leverage team members can work together to see which part of the project is done and who to pass it onto once they are completed with their portion.

And, it is all behind the scenes so the client only ever has to think about doing his part of the work which is creating the original video content and then letting us–and Airtable– handle the rest.

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