A Virtual Mailbox Service, Robotic Furniture, Security Deposit Alternatives, and More — Episode #57


You may have heard of this concept before, but since so many applications and forms require you to provide a physical address, services have popped up that allow you to get a “virtual mailbox” that qualifies. Sounds a bit confusing, but it works. On this episode, Ari and Nick also discuss a new virtual mailbox service, robotic furniture that is very practical and space-saving, alternatives for security deposits for tenants and landlords, department-store-like kiosks that can be placed anywhere, and much more. Be sure you listen to hear some of the latest services and apps that can make your life more effective.

Robotic furniture — really? Yes, and it’s very cool.

If you live in a small or micro apartment, or even a tiny house one company has come up with a solution that can save you tons of space and make your living situations more practical. Ori has created a number of different furniture pieces that convert from one form to another at the touch of a button. It’s a great idea that is starting to get traction and could be the solution to space issues in many living situations. Find out more from this episode.

Can’t come up with cash for your security deposit? This alternative could be your answer.

There are many services that offer renters the opportunity to purchase a bond that will cover damages to a property, but a new one is out that is pretty special. It’s called Trustbond and has some interesting features. Now you can free up your money to work for you instead of sitting in a bank account somewhere “just in case.” Find out more about how it works as well as pricing on this episode of OAO.

Want to learn how to dance? These shoes can teach you. Really.

There’s a new project on Kickstarter that gives a new meaning to the phrase, “Dancing Shoes.” These shoes truly are dancing shoes because in combination with a smartphone app they can teach you how to dance. You choose the beat, the app does the rest in conjunction with vibrating sensors in the shoes. It will teach you a variety of styles, track your progress, teach you visually, and more. Find out more about Rhythm Shoes on this episode.

Now you can have a miniature department store in your apartment complex or dorm.

Bodega has come up with a novel idea — the next generation of vending machines. Just picture it, you live in a college dorm and need some kind of necessity item right away. You simply walk to the lobby, open a door, and take the item you need. The kiosk you opened registers who you are, what you took, and charges your card automatically. If it’s an item that isn’t in stock, it can integrate with Amazon to have it sent to you immediately. Find out how it works on this episode.

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