A New Text Analysis Service, Leverage Coaching Certification, A Google Calendar Meeting Scheduler…

As they guys do on every episode of Optimize, Automate, Outsource, this episode features them sharing a handful of resources they’ve come across that may help you increase your productivity and success. But before they get into the apps and services, Nick has an update on his recent trip to the team villa in St. Martin, why he went, and what the Leverage team hopes to use the property for in the months and years ahead. It’s a great perk for the team and they’re even trying out the AirBnB approach for the property while it’s not in use. Find out more, on this episode.

The text analysis service, Monkey Learn is a game changer.

What might you be able to accomplish — in terms of automation and productivity — if you could turn tweets, emails, documents, webpages, or anything else you can think of into actionable data, automatically? That’s what Monkey Learn does. Its powerful API can automate many of your business processes and save you hours of manual data processing. It even has Zapier and Google Doc integrations. You can find out more about Monkey Learn on this episode of OAO.

Want to become a Leverage certified coach?

There’s more to being a coach than simply knowing how to do something. You need to be able to get inside the head of the person you’re coaching, know how to talk to them in a way that moves them to discover their own limitations and begin to move forward. The Leverage Certified Coaching program is designed to help you not only master the Leverage approach to productivity, but also help you develop the coaching tools you need to truly help clients. Find out about our upcoming certification event on this episode.

Ever have trouble scheduling a multi-person meeting? Meekan can help.

Ari has spoken about Meekan before as an integration inside of Slack. But now there’s an even simpler way to use the app — as a Google Calendar plugin. Imagine it, with the click of a button you can immediately assess the best times for a meeting between those involved in an email conversation and have times recommended to you. It’s an incredible time saver. The app integrates across platforms so you should have no trouble using it with any connected individual around the world. Find out how to check it out, on this episode.

What if you could sleep comfortably on your commute?

For those who travel regularly from Los Angeles to San Francisco, there’s a new way to commute. You can book passage on Cabin, a sleeper bus service between the two cities. The ride comes with a comfortable travel cabin of your own, tea service, free wifi, and a staff to ensure your ride is comfortable and safe. Find out more about it on this episode of OAO.

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