A Great Language App, Trello Card Relationships, On-demand Work for Healthcare, and more — Episode…

This episode of Optimize, Automate, Outsource has a wide variety of interesting apps and resources as usual, so listen up to hear Ari and Nick chat about a great language app Nick’s been using (it includes gamification), how you can create parent-child relationships between Trello cards using a new service, how healthcare professionals can become “on demand” workers, the automation of IPOs, robotic scanning of documents and more. Oh yeah, and Nick tells about his sponge roller water bottle too — it’s all on this episode.

A free language app the includes gamification and recorded examples for pronunciation.

If you haven’t heard of Duolingo yet you really do need to check it out. It’s an entirely free app that can teach you foreign languages in fun and interactive ways. Ari has used it in the past to brush up on his French and Nick is using it presently. What’s fun about it is that you can learn as you play games — and you can even hear words in your language of choice spoken to you if you’re having a hard time pronouncing them. This is a powerful and effective app and serves as a demonstration of how technology makes learning easier and fun.

If you use Trello, you’ve probably run into this limitation… now you can say “goodbye” to it.

One of the things that users have complained about in terms of features that Trello doesn’t offer is the ability to “nest” one card under another, creating parent-child type relationships. There are so many uses for that kind of functionality, it’s surprising that the Trello team hasn’t created it yet. So somebody finally got fed up and did it for them. It’s a new service called Hello Epics and Nick and Ari chat about how it works and why it’s so helpful, on this episode.

If you’re a healthcare worker who needs extra income, ShiftDoc is for you.

On demand work is becoming more and more prevalent throughout the world, and now it’s become a reality for healthcare workers. If you set up a profile on ShiftDoc you are able to choose your availability, pay, and location so offices in need of help can see if you’re a good fit. You upload your credentials so your skills and education can be verified, and then you can be requested to work for offices in need, or apply to work at offices that have posted “help wanted” listings. It’s pretty impressive how the system works. Check it out on this episode.

A new solution for records management using robots.

There’s a new service called Ripcord that solves the most challenging conundrums of managing your important documents. Here’s how it works. Ripcord uses robots to scan your records and place certified digital copies of them in the cloud. The process makes them safe and accessible — and your paper copies can be destroyed for good. And you won’t have a human being looking at your records as they are being scanned because a robot is doing the work. You have to check this out if you deal with records management issues. Ari and Nick explain it on this episode.

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