A Granular Time Tracker, Bone Broth K-Cups, and A Studio For Your Home — Episode #040


Welcome to this episode of Optimize, Automate, Outsource — as usual, we have some great apps and products for you to check out.

One of the problems with time tracker apps is that they typically don’t allow you to differentiate the reasons behind your jaunts to Facebook, Youtube, etc. But now there’s one that has solved that problem. There’s a new app called Timing that enables you to categorize your activities according to projects you create so you can see how productive you’ve been and exactly what you’ve been working on. It even includes a pretty impressive timeline feature that indicates exactly when you did what. There are some other cool bells and whistles that make it a time tracker worth checking out — including client billing, auto-categorization, and more. Find it in the resource links for this episode.

Now you can get the bulletproof effect from your coffee creamer.

You’ve likely heard of Bulletproof Coffee — in fact, we’ve chatted with Dave Asprey, creator of Bulletproof coffee on The Leverage Podcast previously. The point of the coffee is to give a boost to brain power, which we can all use from time to time. Dave’s ingenuity has opened the door to other companies getting in on the brain-boosting-coffee act — and one we’ve come across lately is not aimed at the coffee itself, but at the creamer you put into it. It’s Know Brainer, the thinker’s coffee. There are a variety of flavor choices, all which contain brain-boosting clarified butter and 1 tablespoon of MCT oil. You can also find special varieties for lactose intolerant needs, and more. A link is in the resources section for this episode.

Never miss a scheduled conference call again.

We’ve all missed important calls before due to getting absorbed in our work — but it doesn’t have to happen anymore. On this episode, we point you to a new service called Callr, which automatically connects you with your scheduled conference calls at just the right time. It doesn’t matter which conference calling service you use or what calendar you prefer — Callr can handle it. You may want to check this one out — it’s in the featured links section for this episode.

Are you into bone broth? Here’s a convenient way to take it with you.

People who are on Paleo-type eating plans know that bone broth is a staple, and it’s not always easy to have it available when you travel, visit family, etc. So the folks at LonoLife have come up with a way you can take your bone broth with you without sacrificing your eating plan. They have slow-simmered bone broths that are gluten-free, low-calorie, and low-fat in K-cup, tub, and stick forms. Sounds pretty useful, right?

Do you need more space but can’t afford to build? Cover may be your answer.

There’s a new company that takes a pre-fab approach to construction to provide additional space without the difficulties involved with typical construction. Cover takes the hassle out of building custom backyard studios, bedrooms, etc. by using a versatile building system that integrates with their design optimization software. No more coordination with architects, planning departments, and contractors — they do it all for you. It’s an amazing concept and makes a lot of sense. If you need space, Cover may be your answer.

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