A Conversation with Kathy Caprino, a World-Renown Career Coach.

Learn about her 180-degree career flip at 40-years-old and how she writes viral blog posts.

Meet Kathy Caprino. She worked as a corporate marketer for 18 years, and around the age of 40, did a 180-degree change in careers…and became a therapist! She is now an internationally-recognized career coach and TEDx speaker dedicated to the global advancement of professional women.

Her other specialty? Writing viral blog posts!

Learn about her fascinating story of switching careers and how she gets blog posts to go viral (many of hers have 3+ million views) with Leverage Founder, Nick Sonnenberg.

On This Leverage Episode You Will Learn:

  • Why she switched from 18 years in corporate marketing to becoming a therapist
  • How she became a Senior Forbes Contributor
  • Her thoughts on alternative therapy
  • Her cautionary tale about Linkedin
  • What “listicles” are and how they make posts go viral
  • How she organizes her content and ideas
  • Discrimination against introverts
  • How she uses Leverage to scale without a big team

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