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As an Asana-Certified Solutions Partner, we're reinventing how teams use this powerful tool to get work done—whether in the office, remote, or somewhere in between.


Our Asana training programs empower teams to create efficient systems for planning, organizing, and managing all the work needed to make consistent progress (without the stress).


30 Days to Full Optimization

The fastest way to come up for air.

Asana is an amazing work management tool that has the potential to transform your organization. But those benefits can only be realized when it's implemented correctly and the team is trained on when and how to best use it.

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Group Training

TEAMS 5-20

Optimize Asana in 30 days,

Private Training


Optimize Asana in 30 days,

Already an Asana User? No Problem!

Our training programs are perfect for anyone both new and old to Asana.

Already an Asana User?
No Problem!

In fact, most of the teams we work with have already implemented Asana by the time they find us. Turns out, this stuff can get a bit complicated!

Whether you're looking to implement Asana for the first time or you want to optimize how you and your team are using it, our training program will turn you into a power user in less than 30 days.

Course Curriculum

Course Curriculum

Learn the ins and outs of Asana at your own pace with our on-demand course, included in all packages.

Module 1
Module 2
Module 3

1: Asana Fundamentals

Organize and manage all of your daily work in Asana.

Learn how to communicate efficiently in Asana

Organize and prioritize your work so nothing falls through the cracks

Turn Asana into a highly-functional to-do list (for work or personal use!)

2: Asana for Teams

Manage projects, collaborate with others, and move work forward—faster.

Create, customize, and optimize projects

Develop an efficient daily routine

Learn how to collaborate efficiently with others in Asana

3: Asana for Management

Monitor progress from afar with high-level goals and reports.

Organize information and monitor progress with Portfolios

Generate custom reports to track information

Set and achieve business goals with Asana

Training Schedule

Training Schedule

Enter into our 30-day training schedule when you enroll in the Group or Private Training Programs.

Instantly Access Your Training Materials

Gain immediate access to our Asana workbook and course so you can get started as soon as you'd like and progress at your own pace.

Kickoff Call

Learn how the training process works, discover the resources available to you, and cover the fundamentals of Asana with one of our efficiency consultants.

Live Workshop #1

Discover not-so-basic fundamentals of efficient Asana usage—like how to optimize your settings, clear out your Inbox, and create automated rules to organize your work.

Live Workshop #2

Learn how to save time with custom project templates and collaborate efficiently with others on large initiatives—so nothing falls through the cracks.

Live Workshop #3

Dive into the deep end with Forms, Saved Searches, and Portfolios. This workshop is all about optimizing Asana so you can find anything at the drop of a hat.

Live Workshop #4

Turn Asana into a high-level business dashboard with Reporting and Goals, so you can monitor progress from afar and ensure everyone's efforts are in the right place.

1:1 Training session

30 minutes with one of our efficiency consultants to get advice, solve any specific problems you may be facing, and find time-saving opportunities you might be missing.

Retrospective Call

Review what you've learned, have your questions answered, clarify any remaining action items, and celebrate with the group!

Get started today and transform your organization.