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Why Asana?

Asana is a work management tool that helps teams organize, manage, prioritize, and complete all of the work they need to accomplish to move their organization forward. It's a vital tool that ensures work is always being done in the right order, by the right person, on time, and without duplicating efforts. Combined with a long-term planning strategy, Asana provides a foolproof system to make consistent progress toward your organizational goals year after year.

When set up and used correctly, Asana can provide:

  • Visibility and transparency around tasks, projects, and workloads
  • Clarity around priorities and how small tasks contribute to large goals
  • A clear record of what's been done, is being worked on, and will be worked on
  • 30,000-foot views of projects, initiatives, and objectives
  • Detailed progress reports on projects and goals
  • An improved workplace culture with less overwhelm
  • And much more...


Asana Mastery Program

per quarter

per person

+ $250 initial setup fee
  • Full access for one individual

How We Empower Teams

Asana Roadmap

The Asana Roadmap is perfect for organizations who are currently using Asana but aren't receiving the ROI they expected or aren't sure if they're using it in the best ways for their business. Our Asana-Certified Specialists will audit your use of Asana, then provide specific recommendations on how to realize the full potential of this tool for your unique business needs.

The Roadmap includes:
  • Full audit of your Asana usage
  • Introduction to proper Asana theory and setup with key stakeholders
  • Best practices and SOP guides custom-tailored to your business
  • Setup of Asana Teams and Projects
  • Suggested list and timeline for additional implementation
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Asana Mastery Program

The Asana Mastery Program is perfect for organizations who are new to Asana or want to ensure their entire team is using this tool in the right ways. With enterprise level support and a curriculum of online courses, certifications, group training sessions and lectures, everyone on your team will be on the same page and using Asana in the most effective ways possible.

The Mastery Program includes:
  • Access to all Asana courses within Leverage Academy
  • Group calls with our founder, Nick Sonnenberg
  • Group lectures with senior efficiency consultants
  • Asynchronous support
  • Weekly office hours
$250 initial setup fee
$250 per person per quarter

Maximize your team's potential

Talk with one of our Asana-Certified Specialists to find out what's best for your organization.

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Our training and roadmap products will help you and your team learn how to use Asana in the most effective ways possible for your organization.

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Frequently asked questions

Asana is a work management tool that allows teams to organize, track, and manage all of the tasks and projects that need to be completed to push their organization forward. Used correctly, it is a powerful tool that can help your team keep their work organized, ensure nothing falls through the cracks, and stay clear on who is doing what (and by when).

What if you could always know that work at your organization is being done in the right order, by the right person, on time, and without duplicating efforts? This is what Asana can provide (when set up and used correctly).

With a properly implemented work management tool like Asana, each person on your team will know the most important things they should be doing right now, and what they need to do next. It also provides accountability, transparency, and visibility. Managers can quickly see what work has been done last week, what’s getting done now and what’s going to be worked on next week, what’s blocked, as well as the status of individual projects—all without micromanaging or chasing!

Sounds nice, doesn't it?

You can absolutely set up Asana on your own! But it can be a tricky process, and you may have trouble achieving the desired outcome...

Asana is a powerful tool, and with that power comes some complexity. We find that most companies who use Asana either haven't taken the time or don't know how to set it up properly, and they haven't adequately trained their team on the best way to use it for their unique situation. In these cases, it can actually hinder productivity rather than improve it.

But with the right setup and some basic training around how to use Asana effectively as a team, it becomes an extremely powerful tool within a company's tech stack. The purpose of the Asana Roadmap and Asana Mastery Program is to provide the guidance and instruction necessary to set up and use Asana in the most productive way possible for your organization—so you can be sure that you're getting the most out of this powerful tool, and that it's providing a return on your investment.

(Plus, we know that implementing a new tool isn't super fun for most people. We've gotten pretty good at making this a seamless, headache-free process—so you can get all the benefits right away without all of the tinkering.)

Nearly all of the methods we teach apply to any industry and any type of organization.

To put it simply, if your team needs to plan out projects, complete tasks, and simply get work done… Asana can and will help. One of the primary benefits of both the Asana Roadmap and Asana Mastery Program is that we'll be able to help you customize Asana for your unique situation—so your team can get their work done as efficiently as possible.

Both products are applicable to teams who are already using Asana. That being said, we typically recommend starting with the Asana Roadmap as it will help to determine whether you're currently using Asana to its fullest potential. From there, it may or may not make sense to enroll your team in the Asana Mastery Program.

The majority of what we teach in the Asana Mastery Program is around when and how to use Asana in the best ways possible, meaning it applies to teams who are both new to Asana and have already been using it.

Many organizations who are already set up on Asana find they're struggling to get everyone on the same page, train new team members, or just aren't sure if everyone has the same baseline understanding of how to use this tool. In that case, the Asana Mastery Program is a perfect way to get everyone up to speed.

On a higher level, the Asana Mastery Program also provides an opportunity for those organizations to take a step back, reconfigure Asana in a way that is optimized for their business, and then train their team on the best ways to use it to maximize team productivity.

If you don't currently use Asana at your organization, the Asana Mastery Program is the perfect way to implement Asana with your team. We'll walk you through every step of setting up the software and optimizing it for your unique business needs. Then, we'll train your team on the best ways to use it so everyone's on the same page to maximize team productivity.

There are three types of calls included in the program:

  1. A monthly 90-minute group call with Nick Sonnenberg. This is an open Q&A session where members are free to ask Nick any questions they may have around Asana, operational efficiency, and business.
  2. A monthly lecture from one of our certified Asana efficiency consultants. Our senior consultants hold monthly lectures on specific topics related Asana and work management, including any new features or updated methodologies.
  3. Weekly office hours. Our senior consultants hold monthly lectures on specific topics related Asana and work management, including any new features or updated methodologies.

All calls are recorded and current members have access to all past recordings.

YES! This entire program is built to be accessed remotely—all calls are held through Zoom and all materials are stored in the cloud. You will have access to everything as long as you have an internet connection and an active subscription.

All members receive direct access to our team of consultants through a private channel for ad-hoc questions, troubleshooting, or advice. Ask as many questions as you need and we'll work through them with you asynchronously.

It's best to enroll your entire team, as the methods we teach are all focused around team productivity. To realize the full benefits of Asana, everyone needs to be on the same page. Our courses are also designed for teams, as they will ensure that everyone in your organization is certified in various areas of Asana.

If you're unsure whether this is necessary for your team, an Asana Roadmap is the perfect place to start.

The aim of both the Asana Roadmap and Asana Mastery Program is to provide you and your team with the information and instruction you need to use Asana in the most efficient and effective way.

Our expectation is that you and your team will use the skills and techniques learned in your roadmap or in the Asana Mastery Program, then take the necessary steps to implement these changes across your organization. While we do offer hands-on guidance and support, we do not set up Asana for you or implement changes directly within your organization.

If you're interested in implementation or a custom consulting package, we offer a number of comprehensive training and consulting packages which you can view on our services page.

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